Shed Break-ins

From Kent Police – There have been a number of reported break-ins of garden sheds in the Tonbridge & Malling area. Residents are asked to ensure sheds and other outbuildings are secured.   Stay vigilant and if anything is seen to report it to Kent Police.   For emergencies call 999 for non emergencies call 101

New Energy Efficient Street Lighting for the village


Apart from the main roads, most of the street lighting within the village is the responsibility of the Parish Council. It is in need of refurbishment.

The Council has authorised updating of its street lighting columns in the following roads: Danns Lane, Pizien Well Road, Old Road, Canon Lane, Mill Lane, Lodge Close, Love Lane, Red Hill, The Orpines, Fields Lane, Cobbs Close, The Brucks, and Warden Mill Close.

This work will refurbish the columns and make them ready to receive new lanterns as described below. Work is planned to start within the next two months.

Our existing lighting uses obsolete and energy inefficient light sources. The Council wants to replace them with 3000K Warm White light LED lanterns, which will use about 70% less electricity and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The government has created the SALIX scheme whereby councils can receive an interest free loan to cover the cost of installing energy efficient street lighting. The interest free loan repayments will be spread over five years, so the cost of repaying the loan will be largely offset by the lower electricity bills.

The cost of the proposed new LED lights will be in the region of £13,000, and we plan to request a SALIX loan of £ 12,000.

This year, the street lighting electricity budget is £2,883. With LED lighting, the electricity cost would be about £870 – a saving of over £2,000 pa. After allowing for the loan repayment of £2400 pa, the net cost to the parish will be about £400pa. This will have a negligible effect on the rates. Once the loan is repaid, over a 5-year period, we will benefit from a reduction of about £2,000 in our annual electricity bill.

To obtain a SALIX loan, we have to demonstrate that we have the support of the village for this energy saving, environmentally friendly project.

It is vital that everyone demonstrates their support for this initiative either by emailing our Clerk or voting on the Wateringbury Parish Facebook page.



Financial Statement January 2021

Financial Statement 5th January 2021
Balances at bank as at 31st December 2020
31/12/2020 30/11/2020 Cheque
Current Account  £          200.00  £        200.00
Business Reserve  £    134,584.01  £  148,113.80
Cheques for signature January 2021
 Total  VAT  Net
Mrs SJ Cockburn sal + exes*  £          817.90  £             –  £        817.90 3916
Mr J Ibbs sal  £          340.76  £             –  £        340.76 3917
Inland Rev tax/NIC  £          896.74  £             –  £        896.74 3918
SLCC-membership  £          185.00  £             –  £        185.00 3919
iNet Digital-mailbox  £             8.34  £           1.39  £           6.95 3920
M Williams-FOW tabards  £           32.90  £             –  £          32.90 3921
KCC-VAS Speed Sign  £       9,578.70  £     1,596.45  £      7,982.25 3922
Viner & Sons-repayment**  £           68.00  £             –  £          68.00 3923
KCC Copier hire  £          109.12  £         18.19  £          90.93 3924
Total  £   12,037.46  £   1,616.03  £ 10,421.43
*1/2 internet fee/stamps
** BACS payment received  in error should have gone to Wateringbury PCC