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MAY – JUNE 2022


Information provided by:

PCSO 61540 VINCENT – Community Safety Unit


Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:


We have been made aware of ASB occuring in the area of Teston Road, Wateringbury for nusiance off road motorbikes and we are looking to tackle the issue by attending the area when possible and engaging with those thought to be involved. I would ask residents that if they have any concerns, information or questions then to please contact Kent Police on 101 and request contact with myself. I would ask for anyone who is walking in the local area and they see off road motorbikes riding in the area to call 101 and report this straight away so that we can tackle this problem in the first instant.

We are currently receiving multiple reports of members of public riding around Wateringbury on Electric Scooters. It is an offence to ride on Electric scooters on foot paths and highways. Please see information leaflet on page 5 for more information.

There have been increasing concerns around possible rouge traders operating in the area. Whilst it is possible that these persons are there legitimately, I would like to take this opportunity to emphasise to residents that if they have any concerns regarding the person at their door then they should ask for identification and if they are not happy with the responses provided then they should decline what is being offered and to call Kent Police on 101. Any professional would be happy to identify themselves to the occupant.

There as been a few incidents of burglaries within the Maidstone area so I would ask for you to make sure that your property is fully secure when you leave your property including all windows are closed and locked and is also secure at night time.

Please be aware of fraudulent phone calls, emails, and social media adverts. Kent Police have received a high amount of fraud related calls where victims have been defrauded of thousands of pounds. Please do be cautious on who you are giving your personal information to either on the phone or in person. Most scammers are professions and are very good at making you believe that they are a genuine business or person. The latest scam that I am aware of this week is, Scammers are hacking into your email accounts and search for invoices. The scammers are then changing the account details into their own bank details so that the person you are billing, pay the scammers instead of you. Please triple check account numbers before you pay any money out. To view to latest scams, please visit Action Fraud website –

Items of good work:

PCSO Vincent and PCSO Robinson attended Wateringbury Village Fete on Sunday 19th June and engaged with members of the public and organisers of the fete. Officers thank the organisers for their hospitality.

High Visibility patrol around the area of Redhill and teston Road for nuisance off road motorbikes. I have also frequently been engaging with the local parish clerk and KCC Warden.

Crime Prevention Information:

As Summer is with us, the number of shed break-ins can increase.  Items such as lawnmowers, bicycles, golf clubs, fishing tackle and power tools can all be kept insecurely in sheds, and these can all be easy pickings for thieves to target.

The tips below can help to prevent you from becoming a victim of this crime.

  • Install a shed alarm, with a notice displayed to warn thieves that it is not worth the effort of breaking in. The alarms are easy to install and can be purchased at most DIY stores.
  • Make sure the door is always securely locked.
  • Ensure all valuable property is marked with your postcode. Post coding property makes your belongings very unattractive to a thief by making items easily identifiable and difficult to sell.
  • Lock up pedal cycles. Use bike locks and chain them inside to other large items or to the shed.
  • Keep a record of the make, model and ID numbers of bicycles and all other equipment and take photographs of unusual items.
  • Check your household insurance policy to ensure that the value of things stored inside is covered by your contents’ policy.
  • Please make all reports of ASB via 101, the online reporting form or 999 in an emergency.
  • The Community Support Unit can gain a better picture where reports have an official reference number so we can collate data effectively.

Crime Series or Crimes of Note

  • 27/05/2022 – Cannon Lane, Wateringbury – Property found – Safe located in wooded area off Cannon Lane with personal documentation. Officers attended and seized the property. Booked in and CSI dealing to ascertain if lined to any burglary.
  • 30/05/2022 – Tonbridge Road, Wateringbury – Vehicle with no insurance – Police patrol have stopped a vehicle for having no current insurance. Driver reported to DVLA and fined. Vehicle seized by Police.
  • 03/06/2022 – Tonbridge Road, Wateringbury – Theft of Motor Vehicle – Vehicle has been stolen from Tonbridge Road between 2200 – 0900 of 04/06/2022. Police currently investigating all lines of enquiry.
  • 24/06/2022 – Bow Road, Wateringbury – Criminal Damage to Motor Vehicle – Vehicle has been spray painted. Police filed report as no further lines of enquiry.