Village Amenities

Village Amenities


The Brickfield Allotments are situated in Old Road. For further information regarding plots please contact the Clerk on 07860 721924 or

Wateringbury Playing Fields – Queen Elizabeth 11 Field in Trust

The entrance to the playing fields is in Fields Lane off the A26 Tonbridge Road. The lower field (formerly known as the Army Field) has a football pitch, cricket square, children’s play area, basket ball hoops and teen shelter and a pavillion which can be hired for small parties. The top field has three football pitches, and a new children’s play area. The fields are managed by the Wateringbury Sports & Recreational Association (Registered Charity No 281212) For further information please contact the Association on 07909 155652

Wateringbury Cemetery

The cemetery is situated on the A26 Tonbridge Road to the west of the village travelling towards Mereworth. The grounds are maintained throughout the year to a high standard. For further details please contact the Clerk on 07860 721924 or

Please see the Cemetery Charges page here