Agenda Parish Council Meeting 2nd March 2021


Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Parish Council

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 7.30pm


This meeting will be held via Zoom

Any member of the public wishing to attend should contact the Clerk for access details



Susan J Cockburn (Mrs)

Clerk to the Council



1   Apologies for absence

2   Declarations of Interest/Dispensations

3   Co-option of Mr Patrick Gregson

4   Announcements

5  Report from County Councillor

6  Report from Borough Councillor

7  Crime Report

8  Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on the 2nd February 2021 to be approved for accuracy

9  Matters arising from Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held on  2nd February 2021

10 Reports from Committees and Representatives on other bodies

            10.1    Finance & General Purposes

            10.2    Highways & Speedwatch report

            10.3    Cemetery

            10.4    Allotments

            10.5    Village Warden      

 11  Financial Statement and Accounts for payment

 12   Public Discussion









Agenda Planning Committee meeting 2nd March 2021


Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Planning Committee

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 to commence immediately after the

Parish Council meeting


Held via Zoom



  • Apologies for absence
  • Declarations of Interest/Dispensations
  • Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 2nd February 2021 to be approved for accuracy
  •   Planning Applications


Any applications received after the date of this notice


24th February 2021









Draft Minutes of Parish Council meeting Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Draft of Minutes to be approved for accuracy


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 2nd February 2021 7.30pm

Held via Zoom

Cllr M Wells (Chairman)
Cllr R Tripp
Cllr D Marks
Cllr F Fielding

In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Cllr S Hudson – Tonbridge & Malling Borough Councillor

Mrs C Byron & Mrs E Bird – Rostrum Correspondents

7 Members of the Public

The Chairman opened the meeting by stating the meeting would be recorded to assist the Clerk in taking the Minutes


                   Cllr L Simons



19/197       ANNOUNCEMENTS

The Chairman stated KCC had advised they will now be looking at Highway Improvement Plans and asked for any additions to our HIP held over from last year.

There will be a Highways & Transportation Committee Meeting on 16th February to discuss this.  The plan would be available on the council website prior to the meeting and it would be helpful if any member of the public would like to put anything forward this could emailed to the clerk in advance of the meeting

The Chairman said he would like to appoint Cllr Fielding as Vice Chairman.  Cllr Fielding had agreed.  Cllr Tripp proposed the appointment and this was seconded by Cllr Marks.  All Councillors voted in favour.


Cllr Balfour was not present 


Cllr Hudson said the Borough Council had sent a response in the form of a 22 page letter to Central Government regarding its Local Plan.  The Angel Centre in Tonbridge would be open shortly as a Covid mass vaccination centre for West Kent and recommended all have regular tests to check they are not Covid positive.  The local free testing centres are The Hop Farm and Larkfield Library. Cllr Hudson was working with the relevant departments to tackle the problem of the flooding near the junction of the A26 and The Orpines.

The village sorting office is to close in March.  Packages which are unable to be delivered could still be collected from the post office.  Mail would come from Snodland so deliveries may be slightly later.  The village post office remains up for sale.

19/200       CRIME REPORT

Lodge Close Wednesday 13th January between 8.30pm and 9pm a large amount of Laurel trees had been ripped up and left on the ground

Bow Road – between 6.00pm Saturday 16th January and 11.00am Sunday 17th January someone broke a window of a residential property

Bow Road – Monday 18th January between 12.00pm and 1.00pm a building lock had been stolen

Red Hill – Thursday 28th January between 1.30m and 2.11pm Somebody damaged trees and knocked down a fence post at a farm by driving a 4×4 and an off road bike through it.


                   The Minutes having been read were approved by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Fielding – all Councillors voted in favour. The Minutes would be signed as a correct record.




19/203       STREET LIGHTS

                   A Resolution was passed at the January meeting that the Parish Council intended to seek an interest free loan from Salix Finance of £12,000 to replace all lights with LED lanterns.  Repayments of £2400 over 5 years would not be put on the precept.  One of the conditions of the loan was to get public support.  It was agreed that an article would go in the Rostrum magazine, on the parish website and on Facebook.

Street Light repairs – Ken Bonner of Streetlights had submitted a Service Inspection Report that listed repairs needed before any new work.  The estimated cost would be in the region of £4000/£5000.

£5,000 had been included in the budget for 2021/2022 which had been agreed in January.  The repairs had been agreed but Mr Bonner asked if work should start immediately or wait until after the 1st April.  Cllr Marks proposed that work should start immediately. This was seconded by Cllr Fielding.  All Councillors were in favour

The Chairman said there was some tree/hedging that would need to be removed prior to repairs.

The Brucks – column number 33 is heavily corroded inside plus a hole in the column.  The column is dangerous and needs replacing. To do this the supply to the column needed to be disconnected and then reconnected once a new column was in. This would be done by UK Power Networks at a cost of £1032.  It was agreed this was necessary and all Councillors voted in favour of accepting the UK Power Networks quote.


                   Finance & General Purposes  – no meeting.  Andrew French Fencing had been asked to inspect all the chestnut fencing along the track at the playing fields, parts are leaning over towards the track and new posts are needed.  Also, a stile near the pavilion had collapsed due to rotting timber.  A quote for supply and fit around 25 new chestnut posts and one replacement timber stile £535 plus VAT.  Cllr Tripp proposed acceptance and this was seconded by Cllr Fielding all Councillors agreed

                   An amended quote had been received from Safeplay for repairs to play equipment.  This put the amount up from £1890 to £2094.05.  All councillors agreed.  The Chairman thanked Cllr Tripp and Cllr Fielding for carrying out an inspection and making recommendations

Birkby Construction had been asked to inspect the pot holes in the track leading to the playing fields, but there had been no contact to date.   Cllr Marks agreed to contact Bikby Construction

 Speedwatch – Due to the team being grounded there was no report

Cemetery – The seat removed by James Woolley for refurbishment has been put back in the cemetery

Allotments – There are 6 people on the waiting list.  All have come on since the lockdown last March up until recently.   Some existing holders have been identified as having done or little or no work on their allotments over the past 12 months+ showing no interest and leaving them overgrown. This is a breach of their tenancy agreement and unfair to those who work hard and keep their plots in good condition.

The Clerk would like to establish information of each plot and then to write to those identified as not having worked their plots over a long period stating renewal from the 1st April would not be offered. All Councillors agreed

Village Warden – very little to report other than the grounds are very wet due to the recent heavy rain


                   The Financial Statement was approved by Cllr Fielding and seconded by Cllr Marks and all cheques would be signed.


                   The Reverend Gary Townsend introduced himself as the new Vicar to Wateringbury and said he wanted to come along to the meeting to see what issues there are at the moment and he hoped to play a full part in the village community.  The Chairman welcomed the Reverend Townsend

                   Mrs Byron said she would be happy to identify the owners of trees that overhung street lights in Canon Lane and Mr Ockenden said he would also be happy to identify those in Fields Lane, Cobbs Close and The Brucks

Cllr Hudson said a CCTV sign was still in place on the wall of the village hall by the ramp and needed to be removed and replaced with new sign that showed the village hall were responsible for the camera on the ramp.

Cllr Marks said he had previously removed two other signs, but was unaware of a third sign.  The Chairman said the council would look into it. 

Mr Verity asked for clarification of the meeting previous mentioned with KCC on the 16th February.  The Chairman said it was the Parish Council that was holding the meeting to discuss the Highways Improvement Plan. The Council had been campaigning for the last six years with our County Councillor Matthew Balfour, and writing direct to KCC about the speed of vehicles going through Wateringbury on the A26 and nothing has been done.  There was one site meeting with KCC in July last year at which the Parish Council was not consulted and it is understood KCC have applied for funds but the outcome won’t be known until KCC have finalised their budget which may not be until the end March so what the Councill will discuss is their Highways Improvement Plan.

Cllr Hudson referred to issues going on the Council website and in Rostrum but said people read on the go and she had spoken in the past about using social media which she believed the Parish Council could use to achieve to get people to respond to specific issues such as street lighting.  It was really important to get a greater engagement with the electorate which the Parish Council represents. Nothing has happened on the council’s Facebook page for sometime and nothing placed on the village Facebook page from the Parish Council. Cllr Hudson said she put Parish Council meetings on Facebook asking people to contact the Clerk and she was pushing to get people more engaged to care about their environment and community and that the Parish Council would benefit from it too.

Cllr Fielding agreed it as one way of getting comments quickly particularly on the street lights issue.

Cllr Hudson said she would push the Highway Improvement Plan to get people more engaged.  Cllr Hudson said she was more than happy to do that on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Chairman said the council would look into it and Cllr Fielding said she would liaise with Cllr Hudson on the street lights.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.20pm





New Energy Efficient Street Lighting for the village


Apart from the main roads, most of the street lighting within the village is the responsibility of the Parish Council. It is in need of refurbishment.

The Council has authorised updating of its street lighting columns in the following roads: Danns Lane, Pizien Well Road, Old Road, Canon Lane, Mill Lane, Lodge Close, Love Lane, Red Hill, The Orpines, Fields Lane, Cobbs Close, The Brucks, and Warden Mill Close.

This work will refurbish the columns and make them ready to receive new lanterns as described below. Work is planned to start within the next two months.

Our existing lighting uses obsolete and energy inefficient light sources. The Council wants to replace them with 3000K Warm White light LED lanterns, which will use about 70% less electricity and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The government has created the SALIX scheme whereby councils can receive an interest free loan to cover the cost of installing energy efficient street lighting. The interest free loan repayments will be spread over five years, so the cost of repaying the loan will be largely offset by the lower electricity bills.

The cost of the proposed new LED lights will be in the region of £13,000, and we plan to request a SALIX loan of £ 12,000.

This year, the street lighting electricity budget is £2,883. With LED lighting, the electricity cost would be about £870 – a saving of over £2,000 pa. After allowing for the loan repayment of £2400 pa, the net cost to the parish will be about £400pa. This will have a negligible effect on the rates. Once the loan is repaid, over a 5-year period, we will benefit from a reduction of about £2,000 in our annual electricity bill.

To obtain a SALIX loan, we have to demonstrate that we have the support of the village for this energy saving, environmentally friendly project.

It is vital that everyone demonstrates their support for this initiative either by emailing our Clerk or voting on the Wateringbury Parish Facebook page.



Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 5th January 2021


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 5th January 2021 7.30pm

Held via Zoom 

Cllr M Wells (Chairman)
Cllr R Tripp
Cllr D Marks
Cllr F Fielding
Cllr L Simons

In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Cllr S Hudson – Tonbridge & Malling Borough Councillor

Mrs C Byron & Mrs E Bird – Rostrum Correspondents

11 Members of the Public

The Chairman opened the meeting by stating the meeting would be recorded to assist the Clerk in taking the Minutes



The Chairman announced he would be standing down and asked the Council to vote in Cllr Tripp who had offered to take on the role as Chairman.  3 voted in favour and 1 abstained.  Cllr Tripp said as he did not have the full support of Councillors he withdrew his offer.  Cllr Wells then agreed to continue in the role as Chairman.

Cllr Tripp left the meeting   


                   None received



19/183       ANNOUNCEMENTS



Cllr Balfour was not present


Cllr Hudson had no report

19/186       CRIME REPORT

Phoenix Drive – Saturday 12th November between 11.30am – 8.40pm somebody broke into a residential property, damaged a door to get inside and carried out a messy search            


                   There was one correction 19/171 – word should read ‘experienced’ The Minutes were approved by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Fielding – all Councillors voted in favour. The Minutes would be signed as a correct record.


                   19/175 – Play equipment Repairs – Following a ROSPA report and inspection by Cllr Tripp & Cllr Fielding an estimate of repairs had been received from Safeplay. It was felt any repairs to the slide could be left at this time, as there was no risk to users.  Taking this into consideration the estimate was £1890 which had provisionally been included in the 2021/2022 Budget.  This excluded the new goal net at £1048 which had already been included in the budget.

                   Acceptance of the estimate was proposed by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Fielding.  All Councillors voted in favour

19/189       FINAL BUDGET 2021/2022

                   Councillors had copies of the Final Budget. Cllr Marks said the Budget was well controlled, and proposed acceptance and this was seconded by Cllr Simons. All Councillors voted in favour.


                   Cllr Wells stated this referred to the parish owned street lights only.

Cllr Marks said changing the lanterns was the way forward, good for the environment, and as the loan repayments did not increase the precept he felt this is something the Parish Council should do.  Cllr Marks proposed the resolution and Cllr Fielding seconded.  All Councillors voted in favour.


                   The Chairman said that at present the Council knew very little about proposals in email from Ian Grigor to Cllr Sarah Hudson on proposals discussed at a site meeting at which the Parish council were not invited. One item the Council has been trying to do for the past 5/6 years  was to get the speed limit dropped from Danns Lane to the 30mph limit. The limit mentioned by our County Councillor, Matthew Balfour, in an email was down to 50mph. Cllr Wells said he would like see, and he was sure a lot of people living in the area would like to see, that it was dropped to 40mph.  50mph was however a result after the years of trying.  Another item mentioned was a traffic island on the A26 somewhere in the region of the church. The church had commented on what an island there would cause them with funerals, weddings and people attending the church. There was nothing in writing and no plans drawn up. Ian Grigor was applying for funds. Cllr Simons said anything that interferes with the function of the church would be of concern to the village as a whole, and if any footage was taken away from the layby there, she would be concerned for pallbearers carrying out their duties.  It was hard to comment hypothetically.  Cllr Wells agreed it was hard to make any decision until Council see what is proposed.                

Cllr Marks agreed and said that without any details and the possible removal of the VAS sign, council would have to consider the safety of the village and if an alternative to removing the sign is something council could support, but without any details we can’t comment.

Cllr Marks said that having tried to get so much done over the years, it is useful that things are basically proposed but if the village would welcome them Council couldn’t say.

Cllrs Wells said he lived about 50/60 metres from the A26 and he can hear the sound of the traffic. A gentleman who lived nearby had complained for some time of the safety of the corner of Pizien Well Road. One of Cllr Simons neighbours had written in about damage to his property from large lorries going past in the night, with items falling down inside his house.  It was a very emotive subject and he hoped people realised Council have been trying for a long time, and the situation is getting worse.

Cllr Wells proposed that Councillors wait until we get something concrete to look at and put to the people in the village.


Finance & General Purposes  – no meeting
 Speedwatch –  The report was read out
Cemetery – none
Village Warden – nothing to report


The Financial Statement was approved by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Fielding and all cheques would be signed.


                   A number of residents commented on problems experience on Tonbridge Road

Mr Jessop spoke of the need for speed cameras which were only considered on the number of fatalities. He felt the speed limit from Danns Lane to the 30mph limit should be 40mph as at present at Pizien Well Road, although these were only advisory not statutory.

Mr Edmunds referred to the double yellow lines at the entrance to Glebe Meadow which were being ignored, also waste bins being left out on pavements. Mr Edmunds thanked the PC for the improvements to the gardens at the crossroad.  The Chairman said the Parish Council were not responsible and his thanks should go to Cllr Sarah Hudson

Mr Osborne & Mr Verity who had lived in the village for 33years the traffic and speed was getting worse and worse. Their house shakes and makes noises and they were worried about the foundations of the house.  Various comments about this have been made to the County Council and Borough Council and have been told that if we wanted a speed camera then someone had to be killed, and that you cannot have repeater speed limit signs in the village because of lampposts.  Other villages have lampposts with fixed repeater signs, and why is Wateringbury not getting the attention that many other villages are.  It was appreciated people worked very hard for the village but it did seem the County Council and some Borough Council members, although Cllr Hudson works hard for the village, are just sitting with things happening to us and we don’t seem to have any redress on this. When trying to pull into our drive we have abuse shouted. Sometimes waiting for minutes to get out of the drive because traffic comes hurtling around the bend and with the big lorries when they meet each other by our wall and the wall of the estate they have to stop and gradually grind past each other because the road is not wide enough The pavement along the wall of the estate is so narrow with only room for a single file it is felt school children aren’t always safe

The Chairman said on the email mentioned earlier did mention work being carried out on that footpath from Danns Lane down to the church.  There is no room for it to be widened. Cllr Fielding said it was the camber of the road that was being talked about not widening it.

A resident mentioned the fatality of the young boy, when the father had said on radio the boy was doing a paper round and was knocked off his bike at Canon Lane. There had been numerous accidents, some reported and some not, and to be told to have speed camera you need fatalities, well there had been

It was felt KCC should make sure people knew it is a 30mph and that a speed camera is the only answer.

Ms Davis who lives in Canon Lane said she had two young children who catch the bus to Maidstone every day, and they are scared of getting knocked over crossing the road every day.  If you get off at the church rather than at Old Road, because the corner is dangerous and they are not allowed to get off there, getting off opposite the church cars come around the corner, pick up speed and vehicles honk at them because they haven’t got across quick enough. It is frightening during the dark evenings.  Using the narrow pavement they could get clipped by a lorry or wing mirror.  The proposals mentioned a possible crossing at the Old Road junction would be welcome.

The Chairman said it was not long ago that a cyclist coming from Pizien Well Road was knocked off his bike by a lorry.  Luckily he was ok as he had his crash helmet on otherwise it could have been fatal. Pictures were taken of the helmet which showed it cracked right through.

The Chairman said the council was fully aware of problems and over the past 6 years have been on and on about the speed particularly in the A26 coming east into the village.

Mr Bird said there were concerns on west bound traffic which speeds up from The Lodge and would have personally liked to have seen a pedestrian crossing near the junction of the Love Lane which would act as a slowly device for traffic.  The Chairman said the Speedwatch team would fully back that. Most of the reports on speeding, apart from Red Hill are on vehicles travelling west.  KCC did have a look at putting a crossing somewhere hear Love Lane and the Borough Councillor also looked into it with one proposal to get Wateringbury Place to alter their wall to make the pavement wide enough, but KCC subsequently said there was no space for a crossing, and it was not their policy to narrow an A road.  A resident said he had spoken to the council saying Brasted have road narrowing where vehicles slow down to get round, but was subsequently told they did not exist.  The Chairman said Hadlow also have them and council had been told as there are no properties from Pizien Well to Manor Farm  KCC will not put anything that would narrow the road

Cllr Hudson said there had been complaints on waste bins being left on the pavements making it difficult for pedestrians, particularly those using buggies, causing an obstruction, and if a general message could go out to residents asking them not to block pavements.  Cllr Hudson said she had spoken to the house owners at 212 Tonbridge Road about the ivy and holly overhanging the path as it is necessary to move out into the road to get past. This vegetation hung over the Pill Box, which has been cut back but not all was done as the resident said they were too busy.

Cllr Hudson emailed Michael Payne KCC Highways & Transport Cabinet member on the 13th August and emailed again twice in October and still had not had a response, only an acknowledgement of receipt of an email.  It was regarding the A26 because in an earlier email he had advised the need for through traffic must be balanced against the quality of life for the residents and sited the A26 as a strategic route. On an Ordnance Survey map the A26 is not designated a strategic route i.e. administered by Highways England,  it is simply any other A road shown red on a map.

Furthermore, there is a recommendation for lorries not to use the A26 as a route into Maidstone from the west with a sign just before Mereworth roundabout towards the A228. Given the A26 route is shorter drivers take no notice of the advice, they are most likely to follow their satnav as pure habit.  If this advice was made mandatory it would reduce traffic from that direction and footpath safely would be enhanced as lorries are the most intimidating vehicles to a pedestrian. Cllr Hudson suggested they did a similar thing at All Saints Church in the centre of Maidstone all the traffic would come up Hermitage Lane and turn right so again Teston, Barming & Wateringbury would benefit from a reduction in pollution and congestion and the air pollution and traffic density at the crossroads would also be reduced.  So far still no response from that.  With that in mind, and the fact that since being elected coming up to two years, in all of that time despite sending emails to our County Councillor, Matthew Balfour, he has yet to respond to one email sent him.  As a consequence, Cllr Hudson did stand against him as candidate for KCC elections in May and was successful.  Cllr Hudson hopes that if she is successful, after the 6th May Waterinbury will get far more traction in County Hall and have needs better addressed and have some acknowledgement of the issues being experienced. Cllr Hudson said she had been campaigning for speed reductions, traffic islands and crossings in the last 15/18 years since joining the Parish Council so have gone a long way and whilst the suggestions Ian Grigor has put forward may not come to fruition if no funding available, as a large number of parishes seeking funding for the same small pot of money and all saying their traffic problems are more important than anyone else.  There are compromises to be made by everyone and hope we can find the right solutions that helps everyone in the village

The Chairman said he hoped so, as we keep trying and wait and see what Ian comes up with.  Cllr Hudson asked if there was anything on the 20mph.  The Chairman stated that is on the council’s Highway Improvement Plan.  When Ian looked at the traffic speed survey we had on Bow Road he said what the survey said we could have 600mtrs of 20mph from the traffic lights down to the bottom of Bow Road.  Traffic calming has to be self-policing as the police will not monitor it, Council did ask what kind of traffic calming and what cost as there was money in the budget for it. It was then we were told KCC could not respond as they were busy on other government work and would not be able to look at it again until March and there was no need to contact them again.

Mrs Byron spoke of a possible small pavement near The Beck, and felt it would be highly dangerous to put a tiny bit of pavement on the other side of the road.  If money was available and the council had funds then the best thing is speed cameras because unless people know they are going to be caught is a waste of time.  Speed cameras in Scotland have reduced the accident rate markedly.

The Chairman said the council had asked about speed cameras and cameras at the traffic lights to catch red light jumpers and were told it was not an accident black spot with only one accident there ten years ago.  The police have to agree to speed cameras and they would not back it.

Mr Jessop said last summer he accompanied Cllr Hudson to the police offices and were categorically told that if there is a mandatory speed limit in the village they will enforce it. Cllr Hudson said she spoke to Mr Scott who said if that had been said at the meeting, they would do it.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.20pm



















Minutes Planning Committee Meeting 5th January 2021


Minutes of Planning Committee meeting
Tuesday 5th January 2021
immediately after the Parish Council Meeting

Held via Zoom



Cllr M Wells (Chairman)

Cllr D Marks

Cllr F Fielding

Cllr L Simons

In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Cllr Mrs S Hudson – Borough Councillor

Mrs C Byron & Mrs E Bird– Rostrum Correspondents

Members of the Public


The Chairman announced the meeting would be recorded to assist the Clerk in taking the Minutes

1         Apologies for absence – none

2         Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – none

3        Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 1st December 2020
to be approved for accuracy –
Approval of the Minutes was proposed

by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Fielding.  All agreed

 4          Planning Applications


30 Allington Gardens

Lawful development Certificate Proposed – dropped kerb at the front of house to allow access to driveway

Comment:   No objection


20 Leney Road

Variation of condition 3 9windows) pursuant to planning permission TM/20/01379/FL (proposed first floor side extension over existing garage conversion of garage conversion with two storey extension to rear and porch extension to front elevation)

Comment:  No objection


3Warden Mill Close

Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed larger home extension pursuant to schedule 2, Part 1, Class A of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted development) (England) Order 2015 (amended) – single storey rear extension: depth to rear 8 metres height to eaves 2.5 metres, maximum height 3.2 metres

Comment:  Leave to Officer


10 The Orpines

Proposed single storey rear extension demolition of existing garage block to side elevation and construction of new single storey extension

Comment:  No objection


153 Pizien Well Road

Lawful Development Certificate Existing: The land at the rear of the property has been used as a garden for in excess of 10 years

Comment:  Leave to Officer


3Lodge Close

Proposed side and rear double storey extension

Comment: no objection

The meeting was closed at 8.35pm