Village Warden Report October 2020

Wateringbury Parish Council – Village Warden Report – 6th October 2020
Not much to report since my last in June.

The Village Hall, Playing Fields and Glebe Meadow have been extremely quiet.

However, two incidents have ben reported, investigated or passed on to the PCSO.

The padlock to the equestrian field has been covered with super glue on two occasions. When checking the CCTV on the first incident there was no clear view of the perpetrator
and the second time, unfortunately the CCTV had been disconnected. It seems when clearing out the Pavilion, or cleaning it, the plug to the system had been pulled from the socket.
The Clerk has reported both incidents to the PCSO and my understanding is that they are keeping watch on the Pavilion on Saturday nights, as both incidents occurred between 6pm
on a Saturday and noon the following Sunday.

I had a call from a lady Sunday fortnight ago advising me that she had seen 3 men climb over the fence into Tom Wickham’s partner’s horse field and stables.
I contacted Tom and he and a neighbour checked the stables and could not find anybody. However, Anne reported that some stable door handles had been stolen. T
they were of little value but I reported the incident to the Clerk, who has passed information onto the PCSO. I believe there have been other incidents
of a similar nature in the area, where metal materials and objects have been taken from equestrian and stable areas.

Regards to all and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to call me.

John Ibbs
Village Warden