Minutes of Planning Committee 1st March 2022

Minutes Uploaded on April 21, 2022


Minutes of Planning Committee meeting Tuesday 1st  March 2022 held immediately after the Parish Council Meeting


Cllr P Gregson (Chairman)

Cllr M Wells (Vice Chairman)

Cllr R Tripp

Cllr D Marks

Cllr L Simons

Cllr F Fielding

In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Mrs C Byron – Rostrum correspondent

0 Members of the public


1         Apologies for absence –  None

2         Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – Cllr Gregson declared an      interest in TM/22/00152/FL and took no further part in discussions.   Cllr Wells then led the meetin

3      Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 1st February 2022

To be approved for accuracy
The Minutes having been read were approved by Cllr Fielding and seconded by Cllr Tripp and signed as a correct record


4        Planning Applications


316 Old Road

Demolition pf existing conservatory and lean to.  Erection of a single storey rear extension ad insertion of a rear dormer

Comment: The Parish Council has no objection but is concerned the proposed Dormer Window at the rear of the

building is not a pitched slate roof to match the Dormer window of the front of the property. As the property is in the conservation area, a decision for the Conservation officer.


The meeting closed at 8.52pm