Minutes of Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting 16th October 2018

Minutes Uploaded on November 7, 2018


Minutes of Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting Tuesday

16th October 2018 7.30pm



Cllr M Wells (Chairman)

Cllr L Simons (Vice Chairman)                                                                  

Cllr D Marks                                     

Cllr F Fielding

Cllr D Stones                                    


In attendance:                       

Mrs S J Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

1 member of the public


  • Apologies for absence – Cllr R Tripp & Cllr M Daly
  • Declarations of Interest/Dispensations –  none
  • Draft Budget 2018/2019

Administration – Interest Payments:

Village Hall –  £110,708.16 (Loan £200,000 July 2005 30yrs 4.50% fixed EIP)

Drayhorse Meadow – £129,655.35 (Loan £165,000 November 2012 30yrs 3.48% fixed EIP)

Drayhorse Repairs/tack/fencing – £2818 (Loan £10,000 November 2013  7yrs 2.18% fixed EIP)

Salaries – Over the past three years any increase in salaries was taken from surplus.  After discussion it was agreed this would stop from 2019 and the draft budget would reflect the salary including an increase of 3.5% from 1st April 2019

Insurance – increase from 2018 calculated at 3%

Donations:   budget – £2000

Wateringbury WI – £300

Scouts & Guides – £500

Crossroads Care – £300

Watch Club – £300

Heat of Kent Hospice – £100

Royal British Legion – £200

Citizens Advice Bureau Tonbridge – £100

Kent Community rail Partnership – £100

Total £1900  £100 available to allocate


General Purposes – Three tenders had been received for ground maintenance 3yr contract from 2019 -2022

Kent Valley – total £23,75.00

Twig Group – total £22,317.25

Nepicar – £10,585.00

Two emails had been received on behalf of the Football Club and Wateringbury Sports & Creational Association, and Wateringbury Cricket Club setting out their views on the condition and work carried out by the present contractor Nepicar.

After discussion members agreed to accept the tender from Nepicar.

Cemetery  – Car park lease with Mark English June 2002 20yrs £200 per year with the option to purchase the freehold any time after the end of the 18th year of the contractual term

Tree Contractor – Paul Taylor of Tree Care 3yr contract to 2021 had confirmed costs for 2019  Pollarding Lime Trees, cutback privet and hedge around car park £1600

Churchyard grass included in Nepica tender.

Street Lighting – General increase in energy prices

Changes to draft budget can be made until the January 2019 Parish Council meeting when the final budget will be presented to Council for approval

Approval of the Draft budget with amendments was proposed by the Chairman and this was agreed

  • Playing Fields Tree work – a quote had been received from James Woolley to lift the canopies of all the trees along the fence line and along the back of the houses a £550 plus VAT per day – 2 days work. Work to be carried out next Spring.  It was agreed £1100 should be added to the General Purposes Budget under WSRA field maintenance
  • Defibrillator Battery

The unit had been heard ‘beeping’ and showing a red light.  It was felt that a new battery should be replaced quickly, and the Chairman had agreed to the Clerk purchasing a Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 battery at a cost of £249.00 plus VAT  The battery was replaced at the meeting

  • CCTV Village Hall & Pavilion

The quote for work by Chroma Vision had not been received

  • Any other business of finance

Play equipment slide repairs – awaiting quote from Safeplay

Annual Return – signed off by Auditor – nothing raised

Surplus Statement – nothing raised

Asset Register – nothing raised.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25pm