Minutes of Planning Committee meeting
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
immediately after the Parish Council Meeting

Held via Zoom


Cllr M Wells (Chairman)

Cllr R Tripp

Cllr D Marks

Cllr F Fielding

Cllr L Simons


In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Cllr Mrs S Hudson – Borough Councillor

Mrs C Byron & Mrs E Bird– Rostrum Correspondents

Members of the Public


The Chairman announced the meeting would be recorded to assist the Clerk in taking the Minutes


        1   Apologies for absence – none

        2   Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – non

        3   Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 2nd March 2021 to be approved for accuracy  

Approval was proposed by Cllr Marks and seconded by Cllr Tripp


         4   Planning Applications


No Planning Applications received


The Meeting as closed at 8.35pm