Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Minutes Uploaded on December 13, 2021


Minutes of Planning Committee meeting Tuesday 2nd November 2021 held immediately after the Parish Council Meeting


Cllr P Gregson (Vice Chairman

Cllr D Marks

Cllr F Fielding

In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Cllr S Hudson – Kent County Councillor & Tonbridge & Malling Borough Councillor

Mrs C Byron – Rostrum correspondents

0 Members of the public


1     Apologies for absence – Cllr Wells Cllr Simons Cllr Tripp Cllr Owen

2     Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – none
3     Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 5th October 2021

To be approved for accuracy
The Minutes having been read were approved by Cllr Fielding and seconded by Cllr Gregson


4     Planning Applications


Grass Verge Adjoining 115 Tonbridge Road

Prior Telecommunications Notification: Proposed 18.0m Phase 8 Monopole C/W wraparound cabinet at base and associated ancillary works

Comment – No objection


Pelican House 6 Red Hill

Install a new Valliant heat only boiler in the same space as the current boiler, with the same size 4” flue and 4-6” condensate pipe run.  Also to instal a new 3 port valve and smart controls along with system gravity system

Comment – No Objection


Adjacent 501 Red Hill

Retrospective full planning application for the creation of B1 commercial office space and B8 commercial workshop space replacing former commercial building

Comment – No Objection


Hillview 101 Red Hill Wateringbury

Proposed two storey front extension incorporating loft conversion with side d      ormers

Comment – No Objection


Gransden Cottage 248 Tonbridge Road Wateringbury

Erection of a part two storey side/rear extension, following demolition of existing conservatory and shed alongside replacement windows on existing house

Comment – No Objection


21 Leney Road Wateringbury

Lawful Development Certificate Proposed:  dropped kerb to access driveway and moving of lamppost

Comment – No Objection.  The Parish Council would wish to see the lamppost retained.


The meeting closed at 8.47pm