Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 6th December 2017

Minutes Uploaded on February 22, 2017


Wateringbury Village Hall – immediately after the Parish Council meeting


Cllr M Wells (Vice Chairman) 

Cllr M Cayzer                                                      

Cllr C Talbert                                                      

Cllr D Stones

Cllr J Evans                                                                   


In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

Mrs Christine Byron – KM reporter

No members of the public

1        Apologies for absence

Cllr R Tripp, Cllr D Marks, Cllr Lin Simons & Cllr Catherine Moreland

Cllr Catherine Moreland expressed her wish to be removed from the Planning Committee

2         Declarations of interest


3         Planning Applications


1)   Conversion of an end of terrace studio building to a single dwelling with associated internal/external alterations including tow rear dormers.

2)   2) Conversion of existing workshop to a single dwelling, including unpinning of existing walls, replacement roof and external alterations

Also amended elevations, sections and roof plan

Broomscroft 143 Canon Lane

 Comment – No objection


4     Councillors were referred to a letter received from a resident of Kings Hill regarding a planning application by Kings Hill Parish Council to extend the opening hours of the pavilion at the Heath Farm recreation ground Kings Hill

The Parish Council had not been asked to comment on this and no resident of the parish had sent in any comments. There were no further comments

There were no further Planning Applications and the meeting was closed at 9.05pm