Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 5th September 2017

Minutes Uploaded on October 4, 2017

Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Wateringbury Village Hall – immediately after the Parish Council meeting



Cllr R Tripp (Chairman)                            

Cllr M Cazyer                                             

Cllr C Talbert

Cllr M Wells                                               

Cllr F Fielding


In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

1 member of the public



  • Apologies for absence – Cllr Simons, Cllr Marks & Cllr Fisher


  • Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – Cllr Tripp & Cllr Cayzer declared an interest in TM/17/02200/RD – Abbeyfied Greensted and exercised dispensations granted at an Extraordinary Parish Council meeting 11th April 2016


  • Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held on 4th July 2017 to be approved for accuracy – The Minutes having been read were approved by Cllr Cayzer and seconded by Cllr Talbert


  • Planning Applications


Conversion of existing garage into study/guest room and associated works

Orchard House 11 Tonbridge Road

Comment:  No objection


  • TM/17/002174/FL

Single storey rear extension

No 6 Phoenix Drive

Comment: Subject to any objections from the neightbours the Parish Council has no objection


  • TM/17/02152/FL

Demolish existing conservatory and replace with single storey extension

34 Phoenix Drive

Comment: No objection


  • TM/17/02221/LB

Listed Building Application: Internal Steel Lintel required to support beam in lounge and external hidden bed-join reinforcement in brick work followed by repointing with lime mortar about door frame

61 Bow Road

Comment No objection


  • TM/17/02200/RD

Details of conditions 2 materials), 5 (levels) 6 (landscaping) 8 (site investigations) 10 (water drainage) and 13 (surveys) submitted pursuant to planning permission TM/16/00920/FL Demolition of existing Greensted Residential Care home and the erection of 51 older person’s extra care units (C2 class) with associated communal facilities, landscaping and paring

Abbeyfield Greensted Residential Home 16 The Orpines.




  1. Rat Infestation.

While the building was occupied by Abbeyfield there were frequent complaints by neighbours of a rat infestation problem centred on the management of the waste bins. Now that food source has disappeared the rats are foraging for food over a larger area.

The Parish Council asks that before any work is undertaken the developer be required to employ Pest Control Specialists to eradicate the rats before their nests are disturbed by the works.

  1. Stray Light from the External Lighting Scheme.

I                  t is noted there are plans for the external lighting of the building. There is an adjacent residential development and we support their concern over light escape. We ask that all external lights be sited and shielded to minimise light pollution.


  • Traffic and Parking.

It is essential that The Orpines road be kept open at all times for the use of the residents. It is narrow and a truck cannot pass a transit van without one of them driving on the footway. A vehicle parked opposite one of the individual service roads will block that entrance.

We note condition TM/16/00920/FL –  3  requiring that parking be provided on site before the works commence. We ask you to confirm that an adequate area has been designed for Vehicle Parking such that it will accommodate all vehicles associated with the works at all times.

We request it be a planning condition that no vehicle relating to the works is permitted to be parked on or wait on The Orpines road at any time.

We want to be assured that during the excavation works there will be proper cleaning of the road.

We agree to the limits on working hours on the understanding they will be strictly enforced and no exemptions or extensions will be granted.


The Meeting was closed at 10.05pm