Minutes of Planning Committee meeting 4th October 2022

Minutes Uploaded on November 3, 2022


Minutes of Planning Committee meeting Tuesday 4th October 2022 held immediately after the Parish Council Meeting


Cllr M Wells (Vice Chairman)

Cllr R Tripp

Cllr L Simons

Cllr G Owen


In attendance

Mrs S Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

0 Members of the public


     1    Apologies for absence –  Cllr Gregson  Cllr Fielding

     2    Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – none

     3    Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 5th July 2022 To be approved for accuracy
       The Minutes were approved by Cllr Owen and seconded by Cllr Wells

    4   Planning Applications


Erection of three detached three bedroom dwellings with double garages and associated works

Land at junction of Red Hill and Barming Road


Note: this land is part of the Cromar Nursery application which has permission already for 1 house on this land as part of application 19/01359/FL (4 houses)

Comment:  No objection


The meeting closed at 8.55pm