Minutes of Highways Committee Meeting 16th April 2019

Minutes Uploaded on May 8, 2019


Minutes of Highways Committee Meeting

Tuesday 16th April 2019 6pm Village Hall



Cllr J Roe (Chairman)

Cllr D Marks

Cllr D Stones


In attendance

Cllr M Wells

Mrs S J Cockburn – Clerk to the Council

0 Members of the Public


Item 1 – Apologies for absence – Cllr Simons

Item 2 – Declarations of Interest/Dispensations – none

Item 3-  Minutes of meeting held on 16th February 2019 to be approved r accuracy –  The minutes were not available

Item 5 – Matters arising from Minutes of 16th February 2019

The Chairman had updated the previous list of issues. Copy attached

Item 6 –  Speed Indicator Sign (SID)

The list of sites for the SID had been submitted to KCC.  Out of the 6 KCC  would only agree to 2, both of which were sites where there was increased traffic and this would be a drain on the battery.  The Speedwatch team had been consulted and had set out their comments.

After discussion, and taking into account the comments from the  Speedwatch team, it was agreed to recommend to full Council the offer   of the SID should not be taken up.

Crossroad alterations – it was agreed to write to KCC asking for any  update

The Chairman said there was some confusion over the speed limit in Pizien Well Road – It was agreed to contact KCC to find out what the  requirements were to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 30mph

Part of he drain/manhole cover in Bow Road opposite Hanbury Close has collapsed and was noisy when vehicles drove over it.  This would be reported

The 40mph limit sign on Tonbridge Road east approaching Pizien Well Road was completely obscured by the hedge and could not  be seen until vehicles were parallel with it.  A request to move the sign would be requested.

Item 7Public Discussion – No members of the public present

Item 8Date of next meeting – 11th June 2019 6pm


The meeting was closed at approximately 7.15pm