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Proposed New Play Area

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The Parish Council is inviting all village residents to be part of our consultation process on replacing and improving play equipment in the playing fields. We are proposing to close the lower play area where the equipment is nearing the end of its life and enlarging the upper play area to accommodate new play equipment primarily for the 2 – 5 age range. The intent is to update and mitigate the loss of some equipment in the lower playground where it has become financially unviable to continue repairing old equipment.

The Parish Council is seeking residents views on spending money to expand the provision in the upper playground. Grants will be applied for where available, but we expect some of the funding will come from the Parish Council. We recognise that with financial restraints as they currently are – any further capital investment in play equipment should only be undertaken with the collective support of the Parish.

Initial quotes from three suppliers did include a ‘proposed’ layout which may help give people a visualisation of the new play equipment. If you are reading this on Facebook, we would appreciate your vote – if you would also like to pass on your views or are reading this in the Rostrum (the link to the proposed layout is also on the Parish Council website), please email your views to clerk@wateringburypc.org.uk