Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting 1st November 2016

Minutes Uploaded on February 22, 2017


  Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting on Tuesday 1st November  2016 Wateringbury Village Hall – immediately after the Parish Council meeting



Cllr R Tripp (Chairman)                    Cllr M Wells (Vice Chairman)          

Cllr M Cayzer                                    Cllr D Marks                  

Cllr C Talbert                                    Cllr Mrs L Simons                             

Cllr D Stones                                     Cllr J Evans                            


In attendance

Mr Peter Farr – Representing Clerk to the Council

Mrs Christine Byron – KM reporter

1 member of the public


1        Apologies for absence

None   Cllr Mrs Moreland was absent

2         Declarations of interest



     3         TM/16/02997/FL

Proposed detached single garage to front garden

15 Red Hill


Comment – The Parish Council feels the height & elevation are  out of character with the surrounding area



Proposed orangery and garage conversion

15 Red Hill


Comment- No Objection



Proposed garage with storage over

1 Broomscroft Cottages 189 Canon Lane


Comment – No objection



Details of condition 5 (phasing strategy) pursuant to planning permission TM/134/01535/OAEA (mixed use development)

Kings Hill Phase 3 Gibson Drive Kings Hill


Comment – Insufficient information




Minor revision to TM/16/0189/FL to allow alteration to front rear garage and lowering of porch roof


Comment – No Objection