Council Tax Scam

Please be aware of this scam you may receive:

You have a new message from GOV.UK about your Council Tax


Working out your Council Tax

You`ll need to know 3 things:

  • the valuation band for your home in England and Wales or in Scotland
  • how much your local council charges for that band
  • whether you can get a discount or exemption from the full bill

You are getting a Council Tax Reduction (this used to be called Council Tax Benefit) considering you`re on a low income or get benefits.

  • Total amount of benefits: GBP 385.50
  • The refund amount will be transferred directly on your Debit/Credit Card.

Apply now to claim the reductions made over your past 5 years of Council tax payments.Claim your Council Tax Reduction Now 

The information in this electronic e.Mail message is private and confidential, and only intended for the addressee.


The Government Digital Service Team